Sketch – Tree (incomplete) Jul27

Sketch – Tree (incomplete)

I tried drawing a tree I can see from my apartment window. And I failed.

How to kill yourself – Your worst enemy is you Oct26

How to kill yourself – Your worst enemy is you...

I wrote a book! It’s a short fictional introspective diary that narrates of an allegoric, brain-bending trip into the consciousness of the self. Sounds pretentious? Well, it is.

Sketch – Girl sitting Jun23

Sketch – Girl sitting

Detailed (at least tentatively) drawing of a girl sitting down

Sketch – Wolf standing Jun08

Sketch – Wolf standing

Drawing of a wolf standing up, immediately after or before a howl

Sketch – Girl doing gymnastics May23

Sketch – Girl doing gymnastics

Drawing of a girl in an oddly sensual position

Sketch – Cat lying down May11

Sketch – Cat lying down

One of my first “serious” attempts at a realistic drawing of an animal

Sketch – Girl on a dock Apr24

Sketch – Girl on a dock

Almost nude girl on a dock playing with water